Professional Supervision

I offer professional supervision for anyone requiring regular 'download' sessions.

These sessions are designed to be reflective, giving you space to consider professional challenges, dilemmas and day to day pressures in a relaxed environment. They desired outcome is to keep stress at a healthy level to enhance your performance and ensure you take time to evaluate the impact your work has on you.

I conduct professional supervision using a CBT framework whilst drawing on other areas such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. These sessions tend to be undertaken monthly or bi-monthly and are often funded by employers such as schools and business'.
I started working in this area recently after I realised the importance of achieving a healthy work/life balance on a personal level. It has always been second nature for me to talk about stress management and strategies to remain mentally healthy when delivering workshops or working with my clients, but difficult for me to apply it to myself. When I reflect back on the 60-70 hour weeks I worked when I initially set up my private practice in 2014, I can see that my wellbeing was not my priority, when it really should have been. Thankfully, I realised this before my long term health was effected by my stress levels and made changes that led to a healthier and happier lifestyle, which has consequently influenced the quality of work I produce. I now love to see my clients prioritise their health and observe how much more productive and happy they become in their work.

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