Corporate Wellbeing Support Online

I offer a series of remote corporate wellbeing workshops using the zoom platform. These sessions are aimed at keeping your workforce psychologically healthy and focus on skills and techniques designed to help individuals maintain mental wellbeing. The workshops are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and can be delivered didactically or as a more discussion based session. They generally cover:
  • Identifying stress and the importance of having some cortisol to increase performance
  • A series of skills and techniques to keep stress to manageable levels
  • '1 minute' stress reduction practices - exercises you can do in just 1 minute to bring your stress levels down
  • Understanding thoughts and building a healthy relationship with negative and unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Emotional expression
  • Mindfulness
  • Overall health, wellbeing and functioning
The content can however be adapted for your needs, or modified for different groups of staff. Management workshops include the above material as well as further information around managing mental wellbeing in staff and communication styles especially related to stress and mental health.

Up to 99 computer screens can attend (multiple users per screen are welcome) and there is no lower limit to attendees. For the all inclusive fee, I will consult with you over the workshop content, ensure the material delivered fits with your workforce and send you a recording of the session that you are welcome to share with staff, including those who are unable to attend on the day.
2 hours minimum
Starting from £500 for 2 hours
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